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FIC: Mildred: A College AU (J2, NC-17)
goober and a half
Title: Mildred: A College AU
Authors: causeways and walkawayslowly
Artist: heyhoolou, her art post is here. Tell her she is awesome!
Word Count: 62,131
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Official Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Jared in possession of his heterosexuality will immediately switch teams upon enrollment in college and first contact with Jensen Ackles.
Original Summary: Jared goes to college and is gay for Jensen Ackles. It's a real shocker, sports fans.
Real Summary: No really, that’s all that happens. For 60,000 words.
Disclaimer: Jared, Jensen, and all of the other real live people we mention belong to themselves. Sadly. The OCs are ours, all ours.
Authors' Notes:

Kelly thanks: walkawayslowly, for suggesting that we cowrite in the first place, and for waiting patiently for me to move past the laughing-in-her-face stage and into the "omg fine" stage; for not murdering me during the many, many periods of story-related emo; and for still being my very favorite person on the entire internet (and beyond!) at the end of it all. I can't think of anyone with whom I would rather have a child that is also a piece of fanfiction. You say that's slightly creepy? I say that's how we roll.
girlmostlikely, for a very fantastic beta, and for being one of my very first fandom friends, back when I was new and writing about Wincestuous adventures in prison. Those were good times.
nemoinis, for being so excellent as to offer to beta even when she did not know half of the authors, and for doing a fantastic job while she was at it.

Merrin thanks: causeways. I understand the key smash when I first asked her to cowrite now, and all the laughter. See, she'd done this before, and I really hadn't. If you are not familiar with the process, it is one arduous task. Similar to giving birth, I would imagine, or climbing a mountain, even though I have only done the latter and not the former. I have a new measure for a friend now, and it’s someone who will cowrite 60k of coming-of-age (and out-of-the-closet) rps with you and still be your friend at the end of it.
girlmostlikely, for agreeing to beta even though she knew how long it was going to be, and how much time we weren’t going to be able to give her. thanks also for pointing out our ACTUAL posting date as opposed to the posting date we THOUGHT we had. Love you, babe, you are the BEST.
nemoinis, for ALWAYS betaing everything, even my crappy popslash. and for being one of MY first fandom friends, back when I thought "slash" fic meant "stabbing people with pointy knives."

Kelly and Merrin both thank: heyhoolou, for picking our lame summary out of a whole list of summaries, and being an INCREDIBLY awesome artist; and the spn_j2_bigbang mods, for running this wild rumpus again.

Edited: Some of you may have noticed that the website is down, and for that I am sorry friends. There are still two options for reading this fic. You can go the wayback machine route, and read it here:

Mildred: A College AU on the wayback machine

You can also check out the fic on AO3, but you'll need an AO3 account because I've got all my fic locked because people keep breaking the 4th wall. To read it on AO3, go here:

Mildren: A College AU on AO3

Apologies again, friends. Happy reading!

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I'm afraid I can't resist the awesomeness of your summaries. :)

Hahaha, why thank you kindly. :)

I haven't even gotten to the story yet & your author's notes have me on floor!

*runs to read*

Hahaha, glad you enjoyed them!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I have been waiting for this all summer!!! WOOOOO! *dances* Ehem. Yeah, so, exciting!

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH we've been happy to leave it until now, we were desperately finishing it as late as last week. BLAH.

Baw! It's taken me too long to comment! This was a lot of fun, I laughed out loud more than one, specifically at Ed's antics and Jared's cluelessness. Jensen's initial disinterest was a nice twist and I loved how Sandy and Jared came together with A Plan. Well done! ♥

Haha! Dude, we just posted it like 24 hours ago, it's all good. :) I'm glad you laughed, sometimes I think we think we are funnier than we actually are. :DDD Thanks for commenting!

Just wanted to say thanks for having a single file version! :) I can't wait to read your story.

Haha, you're welcome, hon. :)

God, I am such a college au whore. I don't even need a whole sentence. Just some indication of j2 and college au in the general vicinity of each other. Going gay for Jensen? That's just a delightful, if completely understandable, little bonus.

Hahaha, I feel EXACTLY the same way. :D

You had me at the Austenic summary, dudes, and you did not disappoint. Oh god, how much do I enjoy this story? SO much. I want to attend Trinity U. You've built a wonderful world, with an awesome cast of characters, and you should both be really damn proud of your work. I love pining and UST in fiction, and this story is like and all-you-can-eat buffet of delightful, delicious tension, with lots of yummy payoff for desert. (Oh god, did I just take that metaphor way too far? I think I did.)

ANYWAY. I also really enjoyed the way you didn't make Jared's parents into the PFLAG representatives; it's always refreshing when things don't go perfectly in stories, and I really appreciated the way Jared's parents reacted to his announcement. Well-done, you two!

Seriously, this story is fantastic. So, so good. Thank you for writing it!

Hahaha! That's wonderful, I'm glad you liked it so much. Trinity was a wonderful school, I really, really loved going there.

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm really glad you liked it. :D

Is this still available? I can't get to the story. I'm getting a "cannot find server" message.

And of course, after I posted this, it went right through. Loved the story, the development of the characters, and your descriptions of VB!

So glad you liked this! Thanks!

just to let you know: i LOVED this fic! <3


Thanks so much! Glad to hear it!

Omg!! Jared was just too cute!! loved this *adds to memories*

This was recommended to me by a friend, but the link seems defunct. Any chance its posted elsewhere?

Oh my gosh, I had not known that the website was down. That's walkawayslowly's website; I'll talk to her and see what's up. Either we will repost (on LJ or elsewhere) or she'll renew her domain. In the meantime, there's a cached version on Google -- this link should work:

If it doesn't, just google "Mildred a college au", and go to the first result, click on other options, cache, and that'll do it. Thanks for letting us know about this!

Thanks! I should have thought of google, but at least I may have provided useful information :)

LOVED this. Stayed up way too late at night trying to finish it, and then finally had to put it away after the "coming out to the folks" bit and go to bed before I overslept and missed my final submission turn-in time. Alas, RL, always getting in the way of ficdom... Oh well, I finished it a few seconds ago and it was worth the wait.

I simply MUST ask: The title? *cracks up* Why Mildred?

This is a fantastically entertaining fic. Ted was gold, Ed and Chace were so SWEET, and Jensen... was lurvely. Not to mention our intrepid narrator, Jared! Ha, had me grinning the whole time, well, except for the Lowenstein party, where I was on edge the whole time because Jared should NOT be allowing a boy he barely knows make drinks for him. So many reasons to bite my nails over that scene, but I'm thankful it turned out okay in the end. Sandy was also quite lovely once she latched on to the gay best friend idea. Adorable! I could go on and on, but I won't because we will both be here forever and a day. Suffice it to say that your story was great! Thanks for an excellent read.

See the story notes re: why Mildred. It's not a big explanation, but we don't really have one. It boils down to, it seemed like a good idea at the time. :)

Thanks for the excellent feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Ahahaha, thankee! The explanation just makes me love the story more. ^__^

I loved this! I'm such a sucker for college AUs, but this one was definitely special--it felt incredibly alive and vivid.
I especially love Sandy, and the roommates, and Jared's family, and gosh, Jared, such an adorable clueless freshman. <3

Agh, sorry to have lost track of this comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story -- thank you!

god, I know I am very late... but the link isnt working ><'''

is this still available?

We had some webhosting issues a few months back, but those should all be sorted out now -- and I just tried the link and was able to open it up without a problem. Let me know if you're still having issues with it!

thank you so much!

Cant wait to read it, thank you :3


Can I ask how you came up with the original setting of Virginia and it's colleges before he switches to Trinity?

Edited because I didn't word that question right lol!

Edited at 2010-10-15 09:36 pm (UTC)

It started off as a Felicity AU, so he needed to move across the country. Kelly's from VA and I went to college at Trinity, so it seemed to work out. Neither of us knows what it's like to go to college in VA. :)

And thanks!

Ah gotcha! Yeah, I was just wondering because I'm from Va. :D

Oh yeah? I used to live in Richmond, when I was really, really young. My extended family is all from there. It's a gorgeous state. I'm a fan. :)

Is the story still up because i can't access it for some reason? Is it possible to get a copy of it?

Just updated the post with the story's current location. Sorry about that!

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