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alleluia its raining men
More authors' notes! Narrated by Merrin.


So I worked for Trinity's Admissions Office for many, many moons and know that it is indeed possible to get into a college at such short notice. Especially if you are as smart as we have made young JPad. Of course, it is dependent on how many students decide not to accept admission that year, but we're pretending for the sake of everything that it all worked out nicely for Jared. So, tra la la *hand waves*.

The websites that Jared visits are all actual websites. I really did type "gay" into google and hit "I'm feeling lucky". The first incarnation of the story actually had the links in the text of the story, but I've heard from multiple people that that is a horrible idea, so you were not plagued with it. Of the sites, I am still continually fascinated by the ejaculating cock (obviously NSFW). Go figure.

We, like a lot of people, I would imagine, were not entirely finished with our story come rough draft time. But it was 81 pages and 32k, so we were confident it would be done on time. (SEE HOW IT ALMOST DOUBLED IN SIZE? YEAH.) Anyhoodle, the original ending was this and came shortly after Jared and Ernesto arrived at the Bonham (because that was their date, originally, instead of their meeting place). Honestly, we're a little astonished that our artist and the Big Bang mods didn't look at this and go OMG WHAT IS THIS SHIT. -- I'm feeling the need to mention, since there has been some confusion, that this was never our REAL ENDING. It was just a place holder, since we hadn't finished yet. Kelly and I are not nearly quite so lame as this, but we do like to amuse ourselves.

On a slightly cold and slightly rainy day in February, I made random excuses to my mother when visiting San Antonio and strolled around the campus taking these pictures so that Kelly would know what in the world she was dealing with. There's a lot of red brick (DUDE, Trinity has its own brick color, named by the brick manufacturer we order from. It's called Trinity Red. Tour guide? Why yes I was.) and a lot of twisty oaks and a lot of gorgeousness contained herein.

Also the Liberty Bar! Totally a real place!

I have eaten there on several occasions, and only once been scared for my life. They have a delicious cheese plate.

And here, the tiny sidewalks and nasty water of the River Walk:

It's not at full effect because it is not choked with tourists, but suffice to say it happens, and people have fallen in. (Thankfully, not this person.)

Brief note from Kelly: Jared's high school, in Virginia Beach, is called Cox. NO, REALLY.

Since I'm sure you've all been wondering why in the freaking world this story is called Mildred, WELL. We can clear that up for you!

Merrin: don't hate our fic babyyyyy

Merrin: i'm naming it mildred

Kelly: and that is really enough of that!



Kelly: okay that is fic break up material

Kelly: sorry friend

Kelly: i like you, but i can't keep a baby named mildred

Merrin: you don't want to call it a baby?

Merrin: or you want to name it something else?

Kelly: hahah i am joking



Merrin: you got to name the last bb, i get to name this one :D

Kelly: yeah that should really just carry through

Kelly: all the way to the end


Kelly: a college au.
Merrin: HAHAHA

Merrin: omg, THAT'S THE TITLE


And it was so!

Also for visual reference, here is the picture Ted printed out and taped above Jared's bed:

That's all I can think to tell you about it. We hope you enjoyed the story. :)

Well. My eyeballs are crossed, and I'm going to be a zombie for work tomorrow because I chose this over sleep, and I don't regret a single thing!

I don't even know where to start. The humor. The way Jared's relationship with Sandy turned out. The college, freshman experience of it all. The Texas of it all. Jensen and Jared's epic love. Ted. I love Ted.

*makes puppy eyes of doom* Sequelize this, please? I want to spend more time here!

eeeeeee first comment! Haha, good luck at work tomorrow, but I am quite happy that you read our story and feedbacked it, so thanks for that! :DDD

mildred is a wonderful baby.

Oh my gods, you guys.
Both of you!
This made me laugh and cry a little and facepalm for Jared when things went so badly and then be so happy when he was happy...
Finding out along the way all the rough starts and stops and patchy business of the heart meeting another heart to love and just 'be' with...and his coming out...well even initially figuring himself out...all of it
Thank you for this.
I have to defy sleep tonight and stay up til past seven in the a.m. and this story just made it such a pleasure.

we're pretty proud of her :)

Thank you!!! I'm kind of impressed that you stayed up past 7, I hope you don't have much to do today. :p I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)

This was just too perfect. You had three things (at least) going on here: Jared figures out he's gay/comes out, Jared gets together with Jensen and the story of Jared's first year at school. Oddly, it was the third thing that I found most compelling here, especially the bittersweet realization Jared has at the end of the year, how much he's enjoyed the year and how far he's come since he got there.

All your characters are well-developed and interesting, to the point that I'd be hard-pressed to name a favorite supporting character. Ted was awesome and funny, as was Chad, Stephen was quirky and made things more interesting, and I even enjoyed the Sandy switchback.

The whole story was just extremely enjoyable and smoothly written--seamless even, which is a huge accomplishment when you have co-authors. I salute you both.

Hahaha, yeah. We had a conversation towards the end about how this isn't actually a story about Jared and Jensen so much as our love letter to JPad and how awesome he is.

Thanks for the lovely feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

KELLY. OMG. **flails around**

:DDD Glad you liked it!

(Deleted comment)
Haha, that fucking cliff was the bane of my existence. I don't know if you clicked on the pictures of campus in the authors' notes above, but I had to walk up that thing giving tours, and they expected me to be able to speak without gasping. It was pretty interesting, to say the least.

Your comment makes perfect sense, thanks for leaving it! And for reading. And for liking Mildred. :)

So I just sat down and read this entire fic in one go, and it is pretty much the most adorable thing EVER. Loooooooooove! Oh, JARED. *pets him*

Also, I kind of want to marry every single character in this. Except maybe Ed. Is that sketchy? Whatever, this verse you've created here is AMAZING. :D

Haha, no, that's fine. I wouldn't marry Ed either. Thanks for the comments!

This was a great story! I was slightly daunted by the length of it, but honestly the time reading it flew by - the mark of good storywriting :)
Really liked the slow burn of the story, it felt much more natural than the (quite often seen) love-at-first-sight-despite-never-having-thought-about-guys-that-way-before. I particularly liked how unsubtle Jared was and how he needed Sandy's step by step plan to get it right. I can completely sympathise with this, as when I was growing up I tended to avoid the guys I really liked and only be able to talk to the ones I didn't fancy! I could totally have done with Sandy's plan too!
Only minor criticism (and it is very minor)is that I didn't realise that in this fic Jared wasn't from Texas until the massive road trip with his dad and then I was confused about where he really was from for ages! It just kind of bugged me...
Loved the autor's notes btw, and yes, the original ending was kind of lame and a bit sudden - the extra god knows how many thousands of words were definitely much better!

Hahaha, WE were slightly daunted by the length of it. We hit 50k and told ourselves no way were we allowed to hit 60. And then when we did we wanted to shoot ourselves in the face.

We both also sympathize with Jared needing a plan. Neither of us are particularly smooth when it comes to the opposite sex. :)

Thanks for reading and commenting!

PS Haha, the original ending was never intended as the real ending. We just needed something of an ending tacked on for the mods of big bang, so that's what we went with. We're very aware it's ENTIRELY too sudden and COMPLETELY lame. :)

Edited at 2009-08-06 04:45 pm (UTC)

This was SO LOVELY. :DDD College AUs are my fave ever, and this was so nice and drama-freeeeee and I loved it. Also, I kind of liked the fact that Jared was actually from Virginia, not Texas, but that (obviously!) Texas was still such a huge theme of the story. LOVELOVELOVE. ♥ ♥

PS LOL at the original ending. :D

Haha, they are my fave ever as well. :D

hahaha, omg that original ending. When we were posting it to the website it was the first time I'd really looked at it since May. I laughed so hard I cried.

Thanks for the comments!


I knew immediately I'd love this so so SO MUCH.


Sadly, it totally doesn't work IRL - I should know, I've been doing it for MONTHS now. UGH. Can I borrow Sandy to fix it for me?


Hahaha! Yeah, I've never noticed it working for me either.

You can definitely borrow Sandy, good luck with that! :D Thanks for commenting!

Wanted to comment earlier, but sleep kidnapped me (drat the necessity!) and then I sorta needed to go food shopping... anyway, I'll turn your own words back on you: It's every single thing [I] ever expected to feel... i.e. this was PERFECTION. Your multiple summaries did not disappoint. :) Dad dropping him off, the roommates, the tilting restaurant, the HAIR, navigating campus, missing family, Ted's printout above... I'd offer to go through the story again and highlight those moments that had me giggling in glee, but other than leaving out Ernesto (who I wanted to run over, sorry!) I'm afraid I'd run out of room here. Ooh.. you've an early version of the ending - I must go check that out now.

After I first THANK YOU again (and thank you specifically for explaining Mildred. I was actually wondering. ;)

Okay, yeah. Glad you talked yourselves out of that one. :P I mean - even if something wonderfully tragic had happened to Ernie - I'd've still been forced to defend my many iTune umbrella covers (Such as Vanilla Sky - although mostly it's all about their video - or Marie Digby or ... you get the idea. ;)

I definitely enjoyed the story! I loved so many things about it and I totally understand calling it Mildred.

Also, totally awesome.


Hahaha, right!? Could it have been named anything else? I do not think so.

Thanks, hon! :D

He went to Teen Night at Peabody's once, as a junior. He lasted right around fifteen minutes before he got too overwhelmed by the strobe lights and the crowd and all the random military guys hitting on girls he knew from his U.S. History class, and made Chad drive him home
Are you me? Because you just described my first every Peabody's experience perfectly.
And Y-Not Pizza! And getting beer from 7-Eleven on the Strip!
And I kind of hoped that you would mention that Jared went to Cox HS, because "the boys soccer team beat Cox last night" was an endless joke for my HS :)

Wow, I loved this story! It was so fun and different from a lot of college AUs.
Great job :)

Haha! Yes, that was all Kelly. She's the one from Virginia Beach (though I have been there) and I'm the one from Texas. :D She's still pretty annoyed that she couldn't find a way to actually put Cox HS in the story, but it just wouldn't work without being awkward.

Thanks for commenting!



This was a really fun, engrossing read! :)

Thanks so much for sharing!! :)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

I love the title, I adore the summary (will you guys write mine next year??) and I worhip the story. So sweet and Jared was such a dorky little goof; I really loved how Sandy transitioned from stalker-victim to fag-hag, ROFL. I also adored Ted, and Stephen and Ed, and I really hope you do either a sequel or a timestamp so we can peek in on either second year or sometime during the summer. But I gotta know. WTF was up with Stephen SLEEPING all the time? Was he narcoleptic? Dude, what the hell??? LOL.

Awesome, awesome story. Great job, guys!

Hahaha, you'll have to talk to Kelly about the summaries. The only one I wrote was the third one. :D And you'll have to talk to Kelly about Stephen sleeping. I think it was a story she'd heard from her brother? About his roommate sleeping all the time? I don't even know. I thought it was funny though. :p

Thank you!!

this was amaaaaaazing. I love college AUs and have read many of them. so I know of what I speak :D (and no, I am sure this does not make me any different from 90% of fangirls, but whatever *g*)

I thought I would just read the first part before going to sleep last night, but you girls were tricksy and put it all in one document so I stayed awake until 2am instead. SO GOOD I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN. I loved it.

Stephen cracked me up, Ted was made of awesome. As was Chad. And everyone, really. But Jared... Oh, Jared. He was so perfectly 18 and not really ever been kissed, and smart but goofy, and just... *heartclench* And Jensen was also made of love. when they first kissed I nearly passed out with how gorgeous and hot and FINALLY it was. And yet I hadn't felt tortured by the UST in any way. How you managed to write 60k words that felt like it was the perfect length, I'm not sure, but you totally did.

Heeeee! Yes. A part of me was like, does the world need another college au? She was shouted down by the overwhelming majority screaming OMG YES ALWAYS. So thank goodness for that.

I'm glad you liked it! And that 60k was the perfect length. We knew we hadn't RUSHED anything, because HOW COULD YOU, but I did wonder if we hadn't gone on too long other places. :D Thanks so much for commenting!

I loved it, the whole story was brilliant, but it hit pure genius with the war of attrition and the siege of Leningrad.

Thank you for sharing.

(Deleted comment)
Yay! Thanks for commenting!

AWESOME! I have been looking forward to this story ever since I read the title/summary and you have not failed to live up to the anticipation. I adore how clueless Jared is and how lively the supporting cast of characters is (I particularly adored Stephen, simply for his utter weirdness, and Ed, because it's Ed Westwick, and really needs no other explanation!). This was a fantastically enjoyable read. Thank you so much for posting!

THANK YOU! I'm glad that it lived up to expectations! Thanks for the comments!

I loved this so much. You made the characters so believable and I could very easily envision them actually existing, well, existing in my head, lol. Even Ted and Abby--they're so cute--and Jared's friendship with Ted was especially cute. I saw this the other night but I waited until I had plenty of time to read it and I'm so glad that I did! It was a very, very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing!

I'm in love with Ted, seriously. I'm glad you liked him. :D Thanks for commenting!

That was truly madly deeply awesome. Really. From beginning to end. I even loved Jared's uber!crush on Sandy bless him, he was really working his mad stalker skills there.

Also, I think my favourite support character may actually have been Stephen/the random clothes etc under his duvet. Not sure how you managed it, but he was epic despite his sparse dialogue. Maybe it was the girly screams he induced.

Much love and thanks for sharing

Haha! Man. I'm glad the girly scream joke never got old. We sure did it enough but every time we thought we were hilarious. :D Thanks for commenting! :D

Oh, that's so lovely. Such a wonderful college!AU - one of my fave genres and this one's exceptionally done.


Wow! I really liked this fic. I mean, I couldn't stop reading. I just sit down and didn't get up until the end.:P Thank you so much for sharing!:)

Thank you for reading and commenting!

That was awesome. Jared was adorable and sweet, and I loved reading his evolution from a kinda flaily spazz to a more confident, more grown up version of who he'd always been. You're supporting characters were fantastic and spot-on. So much love. <3

Yay! Aww, thanks so much! :D


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