FIC: Mildred: A College AU (J2, NC-17)
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Title: Mildred: A College AU
Authors: causeways and walkawayslowly
Artist: heyhoolou, her art post is here. Tell her she is awesome!
Word Count: 62,131
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Official Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Jared in possession of his heterosexuality will immediately switch teams upon enrollment in college and first contact with Jensen Ackles.
Original Summary: Jared goes to college and is gay for Jensen Ackles. It's a real shocker, sports fans.
Real Summary: No really, that’s all that happens. For 60,000 words.
Disclaimer: Jared, Jensen, and all of the other real live people we mention belong to themselves. Sadly. The OCs are ours, all ours.
Authors' Notes:

Kelly thanks: walkawayslowly, for suggesting that we cowrite in the first place, and for waiting patiently for me to move past the laughing-in-her-face stage and into the "omg fine" stage; for not murdering me during the many, many periods of story-related emo; and for still being my very favorite person on the entire internet (and beyond!) at the end of it all. I can't think of anyone with whom I would rather have a child that is also a piece of fanfiction. You say that's slightly creepy? I say that's how we roll.
girlmostlikely, for a very fantastic beta, and for being one of my very first fandom friends, back when I was new and writing about Wincestuous adventures in prison. Those were good times.
nemoinis, for being so excellent as to offer to beta even when she did not know half of the authors, and for doing a fantastic job while she was at it.

Merrin thanks: causeways. I understand the key smash when I first asked her to cowrite now, and all the laughter. See, she'd done this before, and I really hadn't. If you are not familiar with the process, it is one arduous task. Similar to giving birth, I would imagine, or climbing a mountain, even though I have only done the latter and not the former. I have a new measure for a friend now, and it’s someone who will cowrite 60k of coming-of-age (and out-of-the-closet) rps with you and still be your friend at the end of it.
girlmostlikely, for agreeing to beta even though she knew how long it was going to be, and how much time we weren’t going to be able to give her. thanks also for pointing out our ACTUAL posting date as opposed to the posting date we THOUGHT we had. Love you, babe, you are the BEST.
nemoinis, for ALWAYS betaing everything, even my crappy popslash. and for being one of MY first fandom friends, back when I thought "slash" fic meant "stabbing people with pointy knives."

Kelly and Merrin both thank: heyhoolou, for picking our lame summary out of a whole list of summaries, and being an INCREDIBLY awesome artist; and the spn_j2_bigbang mods, for running this wild rumpus again.

Edited: Some of you may have noticed that the website is down, and for that I am sorry friends. There are still two options for reading this fic. You can go the wayback machine route, and read it here:

Mildred: A College AU on the wayback machine

You can also check out the fic on AO3, but you'll need an AO3 account because I've got all my fic locked because people keep breaking the 4th wall. To read it on AO3, go here:

Mildren: A College AU on AO3

Apologies again, friends. Happy reading!

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More authors' notes! Narrated by Merrin.


So I worked for Trinity's Admissions Office for many, many moons and know that it is indeed possible to get into a college at such short notice. Especially if you are as smart as we have made young JPad. Of course, it is dependent on how many students decide not to accept admission that year, but we're pretending for the sake of everything that it all worked out nicely for Jared. So, tra la la *hand waves*.

The websites that Jared visits are all actual websites. I really did type "gay" into google and hit "I'm feeling lucky". The first incarnation of the story actually had the links in the text of the story, but I've heard from multiple people that that is a horrible idea, so you were not plagued with it. Of the sites, I am still continually fascinated by the ejaculating cock (obviously NSFW). Go figure.

We, like a lot of people, I would imagine, were not entirely finished with our story come rough draft time. But it was 81 pages and 32k, so we were confident it would be done on time. (SEE HOW IT ALMOST DOUBLED IN SIZE? YEAH.) Anyhoodle, the original ending was this and came shortly after Jared and Ernesto arrived at the Bonham (because that was their date, originally, instead of their meeting place). Honestly, we're a little astonished that our artist and the Big Bang mods didn't look at this and go OMG WHAT IS THIS SHIT. -- I'm feeling the need to mention, since there has been some confusion, that this was never our REAL ENDING. It was just a place holder, since we hadn't finished yet. Kelly and I are not nearly quite so lame as this, but we do like to amuse ourselves.

On a slightly cold and slightly rainy day in February, I made random excuses to my mother when visiting San Antonio and strolled around the campus taking these pictures so that Kelly would know what in the world she was dealing with. There's a lot of red brick (DUDE, Trinity has its own brick color, named by the brick manufacturer we order from. It's called Trinity Red. Tour guide? Why yes I was.) and a lot of twisty oaks and a lot of gorgeousness contained herein.

Also the Liberty Bar! Totally a real place!

I have eaten there on several occasions, and only once been scared for my life. They have a delicious cheese plate.

And here, the tiny sidewalks and nasty water of the River Walk:

It's not at full effect because it is not choked with tourists, but suffice to say it happens, and people have fallen in. (Thankfully, not this person.)

Brief note from Kelly: Jared's high school, in Virginia Beach, is called Cox. NO, REALLY.

Since I'm sure you've all been wondering why in the freaking world this story is called Mildred, WELL. We can clear that up for you!

Merrin: don't hate our fic babyyyyy

Merrin: i'm naming it mildred

Kelly: and that is really enough of that!



Kelly: okay that is fic break up material

Kelly: sorry friend

Kelly: i like you, but i can't keep a baby named mildred

Merrin: you don't want to call it a baby?

Merrin: or you want to name it something else?

Kelly: hahah i am joking



Merrin: you got to name the last bb, i get to name this one :D

Kelly: yeah that should really just carry through

Kelly: all the way to the end


Kelly: a college au.
Merrin: HAHAHA

Merrin: omg, THAT'S THE TITLE


And it was so!

Also for visual reference, here is the picture Ted printed out and taped above Jared's bed:

That's all I can think to tell you about it. We hope you enjoyed the story. :)


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